Stress and productivity

Publicado 27 de Octubre 2021.

All companies are interested in increasing the productivity of their employees. But many focus on only one aspect of the job: number of hours. Many still believe that the more hours you are at work, the more productive you are. But how much do you produce in that time? How much of that productivity is comparable to that of other colleagues in similar companies?

I think to have productivity it is important to be effective over time: produce more in the shortest possible time. But who doesn’t have stress? Or how could we reduce it when we work? There are many ways to reduce stress and we could focus on the whole process:

  1. Activities at home (previous and post work): Starting or ending the day is doing something fun like listening to music while preparing breakfast or dinner; or exercise.
  2. Activities to go to work: if you have the opportunity to walk or bike to your work is a good way to put your thoughts in order and plan work activities, as well as enjoy the moment to be grateful for what we have.
  3. Activities at work: create an environment of communication and collaboration knowing that you work better for a common goal. Individual jobs cost more time. In addition, individualism motivates a competitive attitude that does not generate productivity in the long-term generating more stress that can lead to exhaustion. A supportive and collaborative attitude towards others contributes to productivity because it reduces stress and also makes people not waste time on unnecessary things.
  4. Activities outside of work: Outside of work it is good to stop thinking about work and concentrate on other important activities of family, friends or your own. Unknowingly, we will be moving away from stress and returning to work with fresh and productive ideas.

A common variable among all the activities mentioned is attitude. How do we look at and relativize things? If we think that everything is smaller than our spiritual, mental, and physical health and well-being, we will help ourselves cope better with stress and be more productive.

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