Workcation: the rise of the nomadic office

Published in El Pais, 5 May 2021.

Many people around the world have a desire to travel, both require time and money, especially if going to another part of the world. Many people who can afford to go on some trips simply do not because of a limited amount of vacation days and must dedicate what little time off to weddings, visiting family etc. but does it really need to be this way?

With the pandemic working from home is the new normal and many companies have expressed their desire to make the move permanent after the pandemic ends as companies can downsize on real estate and employees have voiced their desire to do so as it helps with commuting time and childcare. With many working from home long term this opens the possibility of a workcation: traveling to a destination where you work remotely during the day and be a tourist during the evening and weekends. People can spend months at a time at this destination rather than just a week and could spend more time with family that lives in another city.

Employers at first may not be thrilled with the idea but to allow their employees to travel if they are working their designated hours can be a cheap way to attract employees and improve satisfaction. Rather then provide higher wages or raises they can use this as an alternative. Governments are already doing their part offering “remote working visas” that allow foreigners to stay in their country long term while they work remotely. This can provide the local economy a much-needed cash flow that they likely desperately need due to tourism being nonexistent.

The time of the tiny office cubicle has come to an end and both employees and employers must use it to their max potential. If done right it can be a win-win situation.

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