Published in El Pais, 8 May 2021.

“Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget about your dreams.” We could say that there is a high shortage of dreams despite the fact that bribery is so low, and despite the fact that they care little or nothing about your aspirations and dreams. Work absorbs you so much and occupies you so much that there is almost no time left to inhabit the universe of dreams, that universe where shooting stars called ventures are extinguished. They are fleeting because on average, 97% of dreams are extinguished. But what do you know about that? It is basic statistics, that is, reality is boring and all boring things are what matter, because in the end, it is these things that give you a salary.

Hard work and perseverance do not lead to success. But you already knew that, there is no denying that every Sunday night you dream of stopping time a little so as not to get up on Monday so quickly because of the bribery, since you still do not understand that you do it by delivering your innate brilliance and built security. in the extra courses that you took at the university and that are now permeating your way of being, thinking and doing. Now you want to juggle, holding the whiskey in one hand and in the other a piece of paper with the inscription Co-Founder and trying to create a Network to generate success. All the ideas conceived in your imagination could serve society a lot, but society does not know what it needs until you create it. The contacts with your client, the interaction and the reading of reality help that, with your knowledge, you can break with the established. And you think, “if you want to break with the Prussian order of indoctrination in which we live, that one, in which lives were designed to work more than ten hours a day, making the most of the results of someone who had the ability to design, organize, launch and manage an idea that you transformed into a company that could have been yours but you left it to the security of your salary ”, then, you have to create your own company.

If you manage to go from being a salaried employee to an entrepreneur, you will surely know a different world. A world where you go to virtual work and work four hours a week from a beach. At least, that is what the Coach who sells you the recipes to get to that path tells you, unaware that truly undertaking will take you 20 hours of work a day, being responsible with your clients and taking care of humans who demand a salary increase , paid vacations and health insurance. Each worker assumes that without them your enterprise would not work, the risk capital is expendable, and that you only exploit the worker, etc. In any case, you are the so-called entrepreneur who seeks to avoid safe bribery, but also taxes because you realize that having a company is difficult but so rewarding to see that you can give income to other families and you hope that with your support and the society the company is successful.

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