Guess who the next world champion football will be

Published in El Pais, 7 July 2018.

Very likely that you noticed that currently the World Cup is taking place in Russia. After playing a long season at their club, the stars have to shine once again during the dessert of the football season. This time without the national team of the Netherlands. That team currently consists mainly of fallen stars. Once known as ‘naranja mechanica’ and in 2014 defeating world champion Spain with 5-1, now the Dutch footballers are sitting on the couch at home. From heroes to zeros. Because football is so logical.

There are more proud football nations that have qualified but have already packed the suitcases. World champion Germany finished last in the group, European champion Portugal loses from Uruguay and Spain loses after penalty kicks from host country Russia. So many tears in Europe, but also in South America it is not everywhere a party. Argentina was not good enough to beat France with Messi. Mexico does not get back to a fifth game at the biggest tournament. Brazil was too strong and despite the predominance of the divine canaries, star player Neymar thinks he has to stretch time with exaggerated falls and moaning. Apparently, hard guys from the favelas suddenly become wimps when they make a lot of money and have all the media attention. With acting you do not become a world champion, do not you think?

Predicting the world champion is a fun game because there are always surprises. My tip: Croatia! Saturday night’s opponent of Russia in the quarterfinals. Although Croatia was not really convincing against Denmark and also in this team many players have had a long season behind, it bursts from the qualities. In every line of the field there are players who earn their thick-bottomed bread at Liverpool, Monaco, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Besiktas, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Juventus or in Germany. A dream team that has probably been overlooked in many football pools at work and in family circles!. And Croatia is a relatively new football country where players want to play with their hearts. And the Russians? Well, they had their fun; they have risen above themselves and obviously cannot peak twice. With stopping and blocking alone, you will not become a world champion, don’t you think?. If the Russian national team accidentally wins from Croatia after the publication of this newspaper, then that team is my new tip for the world champion! Because football is so logical.

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Martijn Borst is Dutch and has a BSc in Finanzes and Control. He worked many years as corporate accountant. Lately he is active as a volunteer in the field of welfare and development.

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