How many times do you cook at home?

the forgotten art

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Published in El Pais, 17 November 2011.

When we design or buy a new home, we always focus on equipping our new home with a  good kitchen. We want a complete and exciting kitchen, with good stoves, oven, double sink, microwave, plenty of space to store all kitchen equipment and tools, etc. It is also a point that every visit, we think, will be paying attention to. After all, if the kitchen is fine, everything is fine. However, the new generation cooks less and less at home and also spends less of their time cooking.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, cooking was the big new opportunity. Being more at home, it was possible to cook something more elaborate, more taste or more exclusive. But sadly, Zoom, Netflix, the Play Station made the living room the most comfortable and attractive place for many who ended up making a call for fast food. Have we forgotten how to cook something delicious?

Ask your parents or grandparents. In ancient times, going on a trip, camping, to school or to work meant preparing your lunch in the early morning. Many of that generation knew how to devote time to the preparation of meals. Some breads with cheese, cold meat, fried egg, some fruit, homemade soft drink, hot milk with chocolate or the thermos with coffee. And for our generation, we had a duty to get home on time for mealtimes. And a delicious meal awaited us when we arrived and shared the table as a family.

Nowadays the logic is more complicated, when the time of hunger arrives, which can be any time between 7 AM and 11 PM (or later), we have to search the internet to find out what we are going to eat. Next, we order our choice with a form or call and wait until they ring the bell. No effort is required, and we have time to do other things and complain about high prices.

We have already forgotten to cook and think that rich food can only be obtained outside the house. Fast food is gaining traction to our family budget and health budget. Many have forgotten to plan time to prepare a meal or even breakfast. A meal prepared at home is healthier, it is according to our tastes, with the right amount of ingredients and it is cheaper. In addition, if you change your idea of cooking, it is also something relaxing, especially after a day sitting at a desk. The new generation has only 5 recipes in their heads, but your aunt or mom are like the internet, they know all the recipes of your favorite dishes. It would be a good idea to call them and learn. It is also very likely that several of these dishes can no longer be ordered online.

I have no problem ordering something online or by phone, but we must not forget the ancient art of cooking. In addition, it has many side benefits for your health. One of them, respect the meal schedules.

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