Has Disney fumbled the Disney plus launch?

Published in El Pais, January 8th 2020.

Disney + has arrived and with it the Mandelorian. A fantastic show that takes place in the Star Wars universe. It was unfortunately only 8 episodes and now I have to wait a full year for season 2  to come out. I decided to look at the rest of the catalog available to stream and to be honest there is not a whole lot. There are some Marvel movies many have already seen and of course the Simpsons will always be popular but it wasn’t long before switching back to Netflix.

The streaming service has announced lots of original shows that has gotten many, including me, excited but most do not have a release date meaning it could be two years before we get to see them. It’s also worth noting that many shows and movies they own the rights too have been sold to other services like Netflix meaning they cannot show their entire catalog.

 If you have kids of course it will be a must have as there are a lot of shows and movies that will have them entertained for hours but for those without, Disney + will be nothing more than an afterthought until the new season of the Mandelorian comes out. Perhaps if they paced their shows better they would have a lot more subscribers. We may now know why they offered a discount for the year subscription.

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