Trees and parks to improve quality of life

Published in El Pais, September 28th 2019.

These days  I’m in my home country, The Netherlands. Even though  autumn  has started,  the temperature  is pleasant,  about 16 degrees  Celsius, some wind, a bit of sun and at the time in some rain. Though I miss Bolivia’s climate, I am  now  enjoying less  sun, which is  sometimes too strong for me in Bolivia, even though I always wear a  hat. Holland has trees everywhere. Each  small city has many  trees, including its own forests, and many  parks, sidewalks, on the roadside. Every house boasts its front gardens without walls filling with green the city. This green full of mental tranquility and  is  relieve for the soul because it takes away all of  our  worries. Holland has done  everything so that one can ride  a bike without risk of being  crashed by some bus, taxi or car. Being able  to put aside  your worries and enjoy  the green environment from a bicycle.  It’s a nice mode of transport and it’s accessible for all.  

In addition, taking into account how mankind has invaded  the planet, it is necessary that the countries become more responsible. Trees  help  to maintain and  capture water, absorb greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. To lose them would have a serious impact to life. In countries that are losing  their forests, it is necessary to do something and take the consequences seriously  for life and health. The trees,  the bike roads in Holland have not appeared by chance. Investment is needed  for its creation and also for its maintenance. However, what is invested   is expected to increase the quality of life  thanks to  more  trees and parks in cities. 

If Bolivia  continues its orientation towards a cement city, where trees  and parks do not seem to have any value, health and quality of life will deteriorate. If the trees  disappear, it is very expensive to get them back, especially if there is desertification and erosion in the land. Unfortunately, many will only notice this when it is too late, for example, when there is neither water nor rain. Perhaps we can change the present and future by planting a tree in our homes, in streets, or squares. And if you have more influence, help that trees are not burned or destroyed  in the  public areas! 

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