Save the economy by kicking your children out of your home!

Without an economic problem, nobody moves or frees their creativity


Published in El Pais, 6 May 2018.

Sometimes there are many factors to be bad economically, the economy, the companies, the government, the excessive expenses, the university, the time. And meantime everything is expected to improve, many people go to the house of their parents or siblings to have a roof and food.

The security that the family will not turn its back, is obviously a social security system that helps in bad times. However, this system can create passive people. Of course, when you finish university or high school you cannot always find a job quickly and being at the parents’ house is a good solution, but it should be temporary! Something that should not last more than six months.

The problem is that this family social security system, and other more formal systems, take away the incentives to grow and move forward. Why try if you already have everything you need? A roof, food, washing machine, cook, etc. The result is that, without an economic problem, nobody moves or set their creativity free to improve their situation. Therefore, I think it would be better if parents show some “tough love” and do not offer financial support the first moment that their son or daughter comes to cry that he or she does not have income.

I am sure that when a person cannot fulfill his or her basic needs, the creative side of the brain will be put into operation to start a business and so creating added value to the economy. This creation of a company will eventually give the economic return of the many years of study for the State, for the parents and for the person himself.

Education is an important aspect for an economy to grow, and in general, governments are always urged to improve the education system. But what is the value of all the spending on education if, after studying, people overprotect their children in such a way that they do not enter the economy and create their own sources of work? Let your children learn that the world is not perfect, and even that it can be a bit bad, but that there are also thousands of opportunities to start a business when you feel the need.

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