Christmas and the new family confinement

a good occasion

Published in El Pais, 27 December 2021.

Christmas 2021 has arrived and again many countries have restrictions due to the Omicron variant. Many are desperate and others are happy about the lockdown. I think it’s important to look at the opportunities. It is a beautiful time to enjoy as a family and thank for all the good times we have had in the year and what we hope will come in 2022. Many will also think about how bad it came and that surely caused sorrows. Let’s think about the lessons we can draw from those moments and how we can proceed or reinvent ourselves.

The family has proven to be the pillar of strength during  many difficulties in our lives. And certainly Christmas is a time to enjoy it and take a break in all our daily activities. We realize that time passes very quickly, but few moments we stop to reflect on our family and its value in our life. COVID-19 brought a lot of unemployment and economic hardship; and in many cases, family support has managed to motivate reinvention towards other activities that in the future may be our strength. Also, we can realize that, although we work a lot, money does not buy health. Health is something we must cultivate day by day. Thus, when the disease comes to us, we are a little bit better prepared to face it physically and emotionally.

Life is a miracle, and health is an indicator of our life. The family can be the basis for generating good practices to maintain health. Food, sports practices, hours of sleep, hours dedicated to leisure and recreation are generated in family practices. Nowadays we spend many hours in front of our phones, work sitting and living without a healthy diet. How do we plan to continue this 2022? Christmas as a family is a good occasion to outline new family health goals. Merry Christmas  and  may this 2022 be full of hope and health.

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