More than 100 million animals used in experiments die each year

Time for responsable consumption

Published in El Pais, 21 April 2021.

The video Save Ralph, has gone viral on social networks highlighting that “No animal should die and suffer in the name of beauty.” If you haven’t seen it yet, I invite you to look for it. It was produced by Humane Society International, an organization dedicated to promoting non-animal research and experimentation, rescuing endangered animals, and trying to reduce the negative impacts of agriculture on animal life.

This short describes the life of Ralph, a “Tester” rabbit who, due to the tests to which he has been subjected, has been left blind in his right eye, deaf and suffers from pain throughout his body. Did you know that testing consists of regularly applying the substances to be tested directly to the eyes of rabbits for seven days? Many of them go blind after these tests, and at the end of the studies all are euthanized. However, he says that he does it for humans and that his entire family had the same trade and that they all died doing his job, as he will too.

Then a human hand is seen transporting him to the laboratory, and they show how they experiment with him and his suffering. He comments that he does his job, in order for humans to have the illusion of a safer lipstick or deodorant, the end is heartbreaking. He thanks everyone who buys products tested on animals, because thanks to them he has a job, and without them he would be on the street, or rather, in the field.

This video has shocked many, and is helping to raise awareness about a latent problem for many years now, which many of us as a society have not given due importance. Cruelty Free is a movement that is against animal torture through experiments. And although animal testing is no longer mandatory, to enter the Chinese market, animal testing will still remain a mandatory requirement that foreign brands are facing if they want to sell in China.

There are many companies that have joined the Cruelty free movement, such as Natura, Belcorp, Avon, Urban Decay, Real Techniques, Elf Cosmetics, Dove, Garnier, and many more. However, there are others that are still testing on animals such as Burberry, Chanel, Clinique, Dior, Guerlain, L ’Oreal, Rimmel London, Victoria’s Secret, Scott, Clorox, Listerine, Bioderma, Ponds, MAC, among others.

A product can be recognized as cruelty free by searching for the following seals awarded by “Leaping Bunny”, “Not tested on animals”, “Cruetly Free” and “I protect you.”

I think it is time to change our consumption habits and take the time to review that we are buying, thus promoting responsible consumption, giving priority not only to large companies that have created this awareness, but also to promote the consumption of local businesses that comply with these standards, work in a responsible and friendly way with the environment and nature.

I want to end with a phrase from Paul Farmer “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of everything that is wrong in the world.”

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