When we are looking for a job

it is important to focus on gaining skills

Published in El Pais, May 19th 2019.

Many times, when you talk to a college or university teacher, you hear how unmotivated students are to learn. The motivation to learn what is taught in class, to do homework, to read, and to learn beyond the classroom.

Nowadays, many teachers also mention the power that parents have, to prevent their children from learning. Many parents want to prevent their children and young from homework stress or from going over what was learned in the classroom. They insist on no homework because everything should be done in the 4 hours of school or 1-3 hours at the university. All this is causing problems in the future performance of students as professionals.

If a new professional seeks for a job, he must face several challenges. First, find a company that has a job vacancy. Second, companies do not ask for “professionals from a single career” but professionals with various skills so companies request for one or several careers professionals. Meaning that a person competes with professionals from many careers. Third, companies need people with work experience.

For companies, it is increasingly difficult to lay off people. Therefore, it is necessary to better select the personnel. It is not necessary to study all the careers but to learn skills to perform well at work. The diplomas do not necessarily reflect this. Many students are not motivated to learn, but they can never fail a class because of the parents’ pressure. Thus, they finish school or university without the skills that teachers are trying to pass. Still, many will find a job and think that what they learned in college is not useful for them and it is because they did not learn anything. The people who learn, internalize knowledge for life. This knowledge is applied in the personal and professional life and this helps to the economic growth of a country.

To look for a job with greater success, it is important to focus on gaining skills at the time one is studying. Go beyond what the teacher’s are teaching by reading with a critical vision. Take advantage of all the opportunities to practice at home what is learned in the classroom and in the companies, what is learned in the theory. This will help to consolidate better what is learned because “practice makes it perfect”.

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  1. Kathya muy bien por el articulo. En estos tiempos, el nuevo estudiante conoce muy poco del esfuerzo, del sacrificio, honestidad y enfrentar al conflicto que son herramientas básicas para su desempeño futuro y es esta carencia que lo conduce a tomar camino de la corrupción para lograr aceleradamente sus propósitos. Estos hábitos y habilidades se aprenden en la familia y en la escuela que en estas nuevas olas sociales con papás que no tienen tiempo para nada, se estan esfumando.

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