Netflix and chill no more?

Things may get a little complicated this year

Publicado en El Pais, 15 Enero 2019.

By now everyone knows of Netflix as it has become a household name. At a very affordable price you can stream tv shows and movies at your leisure with a wide variety to choose from. The platform has even allowed people to cut cable tv subscriptions saving the average household a lot of money. Things may get a little complicated this year however as the streaming industry will get a lot more crowded.

Netflix already has a variety of competitors including Amazon Prime but this year Disney plans to roll out Disney+, a streaming service dedicated to its intellectual property. This of course ranges from classics such as Snow White to later acquisitions including Star Wars and Marvel. In fact, every few months we see in the news that Disney has acquired something else to add to its growing repertoire. The launch of this service also conveniently ends when Netflix loses all its access to Disney content. The biggest appeal? It will stream original content from both its Marvel and Star Wars Universes that will surely attract the attention of die hard fans of both.

Excited? Well this of course comes with bad news. Disney has just created one more streaming service to subscribe to. With all of services available the combined cost is coming close to a traditional cable service which for many defeats the purpose. Of course, you could just stick to one but if you go down that road you are definitely looking at less content then before. Either way the consumer loses.

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